EDEx | Education Design Experience



EDEx Educators

How might we build a network of North Carolina’s educators skilled in applying design thinking to develop creative solutions to complex problems in teaching and learning?




A cohort of teachers will participate in a series of evening mini-workshops with one full day o workshop in the the fall and two days at Hopscotch Design Festival. After an initial experiential overview of the design thinking process, each workshop’s theme will focus on building the educator’s design thinking toolbox. Workshops will emphasize aspects of the design thinking process (empathy, define, ideate, prototype, feedback/reflection). Participants will also hear from design thinking experts, try hands-on activities, practice using design thinking tools, and develop lesson ideas. To build a strong cohort, optional design related meet-ups and digital networking will be encouraged. As a capstone to the experience, each teacher will develop a personal project that applies design thinking as a tool to improve teaching and learning in their school.